Name: Kai

Breed: Shepherd mix

Age: 1.5 years old

Weight: 50 lbs.

About Kai

***Special boy here!! Please read complete bio before applying***
Hi there!!! I’m Kai and I’m very pleased to meet you! I’m here searching for the perfect family to call my own ❤️. The hoomans guess I’m around 1 1/2 and I weigh about 45-50 lbs. I’m told I’m some sort of Shepard mix. Who knows what I’m mixed with, but there sure is a heck of a lot of cute in me 😊
First let’s get my checkered past out of the way 😳. I was found in Texas living in a park. Some nice people were feeding me, but we don’t know anything about before I was there. Because I was out on my own I did learn to protect valuable things. I was adopted when I first came here, and returned because of guarding. I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that, but it’s important for anyone thinking about meeting me to know about it.
Phew…now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the GOOD stuff!!! I’ve been working on my issues in my foster home and doing really great!! If my foster mom needs to take anything away I let her, and I don’t mind her being near when I have important things. I always allow her in my space and look for direction all the time! I’m working on my obedience and doing very well with that too!! I know sit, down, come, off, stay, heel, place, duration on place, respect thresholds and as my “trick” I give paw 😊. I walk so, so good on my leash, and according to my foster mom have an adorable little prance in my step 🙈. I’ve really been learning to build trust and all about something called respect. Foster mom says I’m a good boy that is just unsure of things. Sometimes she thinks my name is “good ass boy” I know!!…..the language on her…geez 🙊.
I’m going to want a calmer household to live in. One with no kiddos under 16 so everyone understands me. My foster mom thinks it would be best if I’m the only pet to start out. That way my family and I can learn each other, and focus on building the trust we need. But just so you know…our secret…I am respectful of the other doggos here with proper guidance and building that trust thing we keep talking about! So future thoughts! I’m a great companion with a moderate energy level. You want to go on an adventure you say? I’m down!! You want to relax and watch a movie today? Ok cool 😎!! I’m down with it all for sure!! I’m super good with this fetch stuff and really enjoy “toy time” especially with my Elmo 🙈. I’m also a real foodie so enjoy a variety of treats….chicken some times please!
I have so many wonderful things about me!! Just the other stuff I will need my people to understand and be willing to be patient and keep up my training on. If you’re willing to commit to working with my current trainer to properly introduce me to your home, I know we can be just fine!!
This is called Buddy’s Second Chance right? Who wants to make today Kai’s Second Chance?!?!?! I’m waiting patiently to meet you!! So have your people call my people, and let’s work it out! I’m so ready for my very own home and promise to be the goodest boy if you commit the time to me ❤️ (57)