Name: Jax

Breed: Hound mix

Age: 4 years old

Weight: 40 lbs.

About Jax

Breed- Hound Mix
Age- 4 years old
Weight- 40ish lbs


This handsome boy is Jax. He was born right here in WNY and is the only one from his litter who hasn’t found his forever home just yet. You see, Jax is a special boy. While he’s extremely smart, very sweet and snuggly, he also has some quirks (who among us doesn’t?!) He needs someone who understands that this is who he is and will love him for it. So let’s get into it.

Jax has anxiety (like so many of us) and will need extra time to get comfortable in his new home. This will require some patience and understanding on his new families part. When he gets anxious he tends to pace and bark (barking is what hounds do!) but he can be redirected with toys and/or treats. He is also on daily medication that helps. Because of his anxiety, we are recommending a quieter home with no children or children over the age of 16.

We are also recommending that Jax be the only animal in the home as he can be selective of dog friends. Since he is a hound, he has a strong prey drive, so he can’t live with ANY small animals (cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds..). He can however, give you all the love which makes it a win/win.

Jax needs a fenced yard. Not just any fence either, this boy needs a tall fence. A 6 foot fence at least, because anything shorter is child’s play for him to hop and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. This would make him very happy. But you, not so much. He does love long walks though and will sniff all the things contentedly.

This boy is smart. Very smart, and he knows a bunch of commands. He’s also extremely food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat. Being this food motivated makes training a breeze and using food puzzles is a great way to tire the mind and body in these cold months!

Jax is the best boy who deserves the perfect home. He’s been adopted and returned, bounced from foster homes to boarding and back again. All because of anxiety (that he can’t help) and not being given time or a chance. He just needs someone to give him a little help managing his environment and lots of love. He will give you all the love back and then some!! He just needs and deserves a chance! (18)