Name: Jax

Breed: Hound mix

Age: 3 years old

Weight: 40 lbs.

About Jax

3 years old
Hound Mix

Hi, my name is Jax or Jaxson, but my foster mom calls me handsome!

I was born here in Eden and have been part of Buddy’s since I was born. I still haven’t found my forever home, foster mom says I’m a bit quirky but very sweet.

I am VERY smart and know many commands and I prefer to be the only animal in the home. I don’t like cats or any small animals so those are a big no for me.

I love to go for walks but can be a bit of a Houdini so a martingale collar is needed for me so I can’t escape.

I am full of energy and I love to run and play so a fenced in backyard is preferred.

I also like to bark, I can’t help it it’s the hound in me! My foster mom has been working with me to not be so reactive, but I’m still learning.

I do have some anxiety which causes me to pace at times. I am on medication for it and I am easily redirected when that does happen.

I am highly food driven and tend to try and see what’s on the counters when mom isn’t looking.

I do take treats very nicely and will gladly give you my paw…a few times.

When it’s naptime I like to cuddle up next to you on the couch or in your lap if you’ll let me.

My favorite thing to do is lay in the sun during the day and soak up some belly rubs when mom walks by.

I am fully house trained and not at all destructive.

I love new toys and I even like those puzzles for dogs and even though I figure them out pretty quickly, they are still fun.

She says I am a very sweet, handsome, goofy, smart boy who deserves the most special home. Is that yours? (113)