Rubyn is a 35-pound, 7 month old, hound mix. She lives with two other foster siblings and adores kids! She's learning how to go potty outside after her super long journey to WNY all the way from Tennessee. She loves to grab her tennis ball and curl up on the couch with it. She's got a ton of spunk but likes to relax at the end of a long day. (44)

Hi my name is Dozer but my foster family calls me ‘Lil Stinks’. I came all the way from Tennessee with my brother. I am definitely in charge of the two of us. I am about 12ish pounds and my paperwork says I’m Bulldog/Heeler mix. I like my crate and go in on my own sometimes. I’m probably going to be a medium sized dog but I don’t care about that. I mean let’s be serious...sometimes I chase my own tail? I just want treats, toys and love. (48)

My name is Houla and I am a two year old Catahoula mix. I just had my first litter of puppies and I did a great job as a new mom. I’m very smart, I know sit, stay and shake. I come when my foster mom calls for me or whistles. I’m very anxious around men and my foster mom thinks I may have had a bad experience with one. I love to go for car rides and walk well on my leash. I am very affectionate and even though I’m not a very small dog I like to try to sit in my foster moms lap to cuddle and give kisses. (11)

Kelly is a one year old lab mix and total sweetheart that loves to snuggle! She’s shy at first, but warms right up to people. She’s pretty nervous around cars and loud noises, but walks well on a leash. Kelly has had a few accidents in the house, but is definitely improving. Kelly was a stray so she is still learning basic commands, and what not to chew (her fosters shoes). She is very gentle and would be an awesome addition to any family, with our without a dog. (5)

Hiya ! My name is Gretel! I’m a 4 month old Shepard mix looking for my forever home here in New York ! I came all the way from Tennessee and so far I’m loving my big move. I am a little stand offish at first but once I know you, I’m a real goof ball. I also enjoy the snow and eating ice chunks. My foster mom is teaching me the ins and outs of potty training and the basic commons. I really love to snuggle and get belly rubs. Could you be my forever family? (9)

Rubyn is a 35-pound, 7 month old, hound mix. She lives with two other foster siblings and adores kids! She's learning how to go potty outside after her super long journey to WNY all the way from Tennessee. She loves to grab her tennis ball and curl up on the couch with it. She's got a ton of spunk but likes to relax at the end of a long day. (44)

Such a sweet little pumpkin, Tara is a 11 week old hound mix who loves to play and certainly loves to snuggle. Her favorite spot to sleep is on foster mom’s head or snuggled in foster dad’s arms. She’s great at making friends with cats and other pups and is good at sharing her toys. (3)

Hi. I am Zena and I am from Texas. I am a 2 year old pit bull mix. I love to play and get belly rubs. I have had no accidents in the house. I walk well on a leash and harness. I sit and give paw. I sleep in my cage at night, however I would rather be by my human. I am protective over my foster mom and dad. I don't want the other dogs near them, I dont want to share the love and affection, can you blame me, never had it. It takes me time to warm up to the other dogs, but once I do, I play with them. If you are looking for a pup who loves and protects, I am your girl. Remember I am Zena, Princess Warrior. (47)

A S H L E Y 

Hey Y'all! My name is Lena and I came all the way from Tennessee! I'm an 11 month 55 lb. female lab mix and I'm told I'm a beauty  ❤️. My siblings used to gang up and be mean to me, so I'm a little shy at first.. but now I do like to play with my foster brother and sister.  😊 I'm still a puppy at heart so I really like to run around outside and play. But I also like to snuggle with my foster mom and I really really love belly rubs! I am potty trained and sleep well in my crate. If you would like to meet me please contact Buddy's Second Chance Rescue! (63)

This absolutley gorgeous and sweet fluffy puppy is Nova, she is a 5-6 month old German Shepherd mix who weighs 30 lbs and came all the way from Tennessee to find her furever family. Shy at first but once she warms up to you she is your shadow and stays right by your side wagging her tail and giving you endless kisses. She loves playing outside in the snow with her foster sister who is a lab and loves being with my kids. She walks well on a leash and isnt a jumper she has great manners but does like to chew so we have lots of toys and bones for her. Working on crate training and potty training but she hasn't had an accident in the house yet. If you would love to meet this happy playful cute puppy please contact a volunteer or fill out an application. 27

Hi everyone! My name is Gracie and I am still waiting for my fur-ever home! I look older than my 1.5 years because I lived on the streets until I was rescued! I was very emaciated and so weak when I arrived in Buffalo. I am still gaining weight, but look and feel so much healthier! I have gained almost 15 pounds! I never pass up food and I am always scrounging even though my foster Mom feeds me nothing but the best. I guess that I’m still not sure that I will always have food, so I eat whenever I can. [😔] I have gotten really good at waiting my turn for treats, but I still scoot my little self to the front to make sure Mom knows I am waiting for more! I have a few scars on my face that are battle wounds from my life on the street. Mom says I am super smart and that I have learned sit, shake and come already! I love to snuggle w my foster sister and play w my foster brother, but am totally happy snuggling with my humans! Mom says I am always following her, but I just love being loved so much that I want to be near her! I sleep in my crate at night and am potty trained too! I am ready for my forever home! Please consider making me part of your family! I will love you unconditionally, forever!

Hey there , I'm Jezabel ! I'm a sweet Yellow lab/husky mix. My foster mom see's maybe a little golden retriever in me to. But I do love to talk like a husky. I'm about 4-5 months old and weigh about 30 -40 lbs . I just made my way up from TN and I'm absolutely in love with the snow. So much that I cry at the door to go out and play in the snow. I'm learning the routine here with being potty trained, so I still have a few accidents. And I did great last night not being in a crate all night. I'm in a home with lots of furry foster siblings and I love them all. I even like sharing toys with them. I'm great with human kids to. I'm a happy go lucky little girl who is going to love life now that I have a second chance. So if you want a partner to help you get through the winter blues, I will make you giggle as you watch me play in the snow. If you think I'm sweet and pretty and want to meet me. Let your Buddy's volunteer know or get your application in !(19)

My name is Izzy, a hound shepherd mix. I am 7 months old and still learning but doing well and learning fast. I am energetic and love to play with my foster sister, Ann. We play with toys and l also like tile to play with my persons 4 year old granddaughter. I am very gentle and like to sleep in my crate,. I love being around people. I am looking for my forever home. (6)

Rocky is the sweetest 60-pound, 2.5 year old, pit bull around. He’s got the sweetest demeanor and is so well-mannered. He plays with his puppy foster brother and 100 pound foster brother very well. Walks well in a leash and is working on crate training. His tail cruises and he loves to sniff. His favorite is booty scratches. Rocky is also good with kids and loves the dog park! This sweet boy deserves the world! (44)









Hi my name is Giselle and I am a 6 month old great Pyraneese mix around 25 pounds. I am a little shy but warm up quickly. I am not high energy but I do like to play with my tennis ball. I did really good in my crate last night and I’m working on potty training. I am a little afraid to go out side for fear that I might have to stay out there I spent most of my life outside. I like being on the nice comfy couch and I like belly rubs. I am good with other dogs, but don’t about cats. My foster mom says I would love kids because I am a gentle giant (26)

Meet Lilly who we call Pinky Lee because of her gorgeous pink skin tones. Lily is a white bird dog about 1 year old and a lean 47 lbs. She was saved at the last minute from a shelter in Georgia and we are very glad she made the trip.
We do not know much about Lilly’s past, she may have had an owner that did not treat her very well as she is a little afraid of loud noises. However, she is slowly learning to trust her foster family and feel safe and loved. She just needs a little time and patience to realize that not all people are bad. Once this shy girl shows you her fun side, you will fall in love. She is a fast learner and knows sit and is working on other commands. She will learn quickly since she loves food and treats of any kind She also loves her ears and belly rubbed and to be with her humans. She plays well with her 2 foster sisters and tires herself out. She is not sure what to make of the snow, but is getting used to going outside in the cold. She walks very nicely on a leash.
I do not think that she ever experienced a full belly, a soft bed, or a toy before she came to NY and is has been a pleasure to see her leave food in her dish and play tug of war. She is very affectionate and loves attention. She would love a home and a family to all her own. If you are interested in making her a part of your family, please apply! (56)

My name is Ann and I am a hound dog about 3 years old. I have a very gentle temperament. Only bark if a stranger is coming up near the house. I love to be by my person. Gentle with small children and playful with her sister foster dog. I like to go into my cage when I need to rest. My foster mom says I would probably make a good bird dog because on our walks Ireally wanted to go towards the birds I heard singing. I like to go outside to play and relieve myself. I even share my food with my foster sister. (6)

***Puppy season is upon us and WE NEED FOSTERS to help save dogs! We supply crates, food, toys, vetting, etc. You just give them the loving head start they deserve! Please consider filling out an application to be a foster under the 'volunteer/foster' tab.*** 

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m kind of a goofball, but what hound isn’t?! I love my puppies dearly, and foster mom and dad tell me I’m a great mom. I do enjoy getting some love and attention myself, though. I get along great with my foster siblings, dogs and cats, and I love to meet new people. I give everyone I meet my love and trust. I don’t think I have a mean bone in my body, I just love to love. Sleeping with foster mom and dad in bed is my favorite way to end the day. Will be available for adoption 2/12 (3)

Hello! I’m Carson. I’m a Shepard mix, and I’m four months old. I came all the way from Tenseness with all my litter mates. I’m a bit shy at first but once I warm up to you, that’s when my true colors show! I love the snow and running around outside. I don’t know too many tricks yet but I’m willing to learn new things. My foster mom is teaching me how to potty outside, I’m slowly getting the hang of it ! Cuddling is one of my favorite things to do. I would really love to find my forever home here in buffalo ! Do you think you could be my new parents ?? (9)

This is Veronica a catahoula mix. She’s very relaxed most of the time but can get rambunctious when she’s playing with her siblings. She loves to be held and give kisses. She will be available 2/6 get your applications in!  (11)

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